Things Epoxy Floor Contractors Can’t Do Without

March 10, 2011

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The most important items in epoxy floor contractors’ tool boxes are surprisingly the most ordinary of things. Screwdriver, sandpapers, putty compounds and the like. These implements are used by carpenters, construction workers and painters everywhere. The key to these tools’ continued use lies in their reliability and dependability to always get the job done right, fast and without fuss.

So when epoxy floor contractors get a call to renovate a concrete warehouse floor or perform a garage floor makeover, they do so armed with these necessary tools. Epoxy floor contractors may have all the expertise and knowledge about any particular job, but without the necessary implements, they’re stuck and may even make a poor job out of it.

Taking another look at epoxy floor contractors tool box, you often find a drop cloth or two in there. When you’re in the business of mixing, handling and applying liquid paint, it goes with the territory that spills and drops are inevitable. That is why drop cloths are needed to protect the floors and nearby items such as furniture and other objects. Any inadvertent spill will ruin these surfaces. Drop cloths maybe made of plastic, paper or canvas.

Again, when you work with paint, you work with liquid. That is why epoxy floor contractors cannot do without a paint tray either. With a paint tray, contractors can mix and handle paint more easily, instead of applying paint straight out of the can.

Caulk is also handy to have around paint sites, because the task may require filling up joints and gaps in windows and doors. Sealing floor cracks also prevent it from being waterlogged and cause a costly coatings failure.

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