Tips and Tricks of Commercial Coating Contractors – Part 3

October 7, 2009

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Continued: Tips and Tricks of Commercial Coating Contractors – Part 2

The previous blog discussed quality service and knowledge of painting products as two of several core ideals that commercial coating contractors continuously adhere to in order to deliver successful coating jobs to client.

Below are two more competencies that commercial coating contractors do their best to attain:

3. Mastery of painting techniques

To enhance their skills in painting applications and methodologies, commercial coating contractors undertake skill-building activities, either through formal or on-the-job trainings. This is necessary because the building industry is constantly evolving, and commercial coating contractors must keep up with new innovations and technological advances by updating their learning continuously. However, when it comes to knowledge acquisition, commercial coating contractors learn more effectively through experience, with real life painting projects as their classroom. That is why the longer the service record of commercial contractors, the more they are preferred by clients.

4. Painting application expertise

Commercial coating contractors strengthen their expertise in the painting application process because this spells the difference between a successful job and a disastrous coatings failure. They develop methods and procedures that observe the proper preparation, application, and post-application processes. They also inculcate within their people the value of safety, proper painting practices, tools handling, paint mixing, waste disposal, among others. This equips them to deliver successful painting jobs to customers.

The last part of this blog series will focus on commercial coating contractor’s commitment to the environment and industry standards compliance.

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