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October 1, 2009

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Commercial building owners are compelled by business goals to maintain their facilities, especially their coating systems, with the help of reliable painting professionals, rather than conducting the job with an in-house crew. This is because business requirements demand effective cost benefits in commercial coating maintenance projects.

Given the stringent business demands, what are the tools of the trade of commercial coating contractors? And given that there are quite a number of them plying the industry, what are the features of their services that they continually enhance and strive to excel in, to be set apart from the rest? Here are some of the values that commercial coating contractors commonly strive to adhere to, knowing that these are what clients wanted: 

1. Quality service

A common aspiration of commercial coating contractors is to deliver quality service. They may define quality service in many ways, with a variation or two for each of them, but often they remain similar in the desire to adhere to industry standards of quality service. Often, quality service is a function of cost, performance, and good client relations, and painting contractors try their best to deliver all of these to please clients.

2. Wide paint selection

Commercial coating contractors realize the value of high-performance and long-lasting paints as a major factor of coating system success. As such, they continually evaluate and adopt the safest and top quality paints and materials to use in their projects. The contractor that can achieve the delicate balance between quality and cost is often preferred by commercial building owners.

3. Skilled painting techniques

Commercial coating contractors continually conduct skill-building activities to enhance their mastery of painting applications and methodologies. Often, it takes an on-the-job learning process to actually mold paint applicators into skilled artisans, which means that painting contractors that come with a long service record and experience usually have an edge when it comes to skills and proficiency.

4. Dedication to the proper painting process

A commercial coating contractor with a keen eye for upholding safety and accurate painting practices often gets the job done. For one, facility painting is basically hazardous at all stages of the painting process. Without proper preparation, or a negligent attitude towards tool, paint and equipment handling, can cause untoward accidents to happen.

5. Environmental commitment

From paint handling and disposal, to a conscientious selection and use of low-VOC paints, commercial coating contractors with a commitment to protect the environment are more often preferred by clients. With environmental degradation and protection as popular buzz words nowadays, and the green building movement taking hold, green paint contractors have the edge over competitors.

6. Industry certifications

Membership to professional and industry organizations signifies compliance to the highest standards of the profession. Undergoing certification on industry standards is a rigorous and time-consuming process, and being awarded a certificate of compliance is like a badge of honor that tells prospective clients how credible the commercial coating contractor is, in the eyes of peers or colleagues of the trade.

Commercial coating contractors enhance their knowledge and skills to rise above the competitors and deliver only the highest value to their clients. But whatever methods or values that they ascribe to, the success or failure of the painting job is usually the only determinant whether or not they have used the right strategies.

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