Ten Tips For Hiring And Contracting With An Industrial Painting Company

January 1, 2009

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Before it gets to the point of becoming glaringly obvious that the building is deteriorating, facility managers should make the decision to hire an industrial painting company for the job. 

Below are some common sense tips on how to hire the most suitable industrial painting company:

1. Identify the painting requirement

Sit down and come up with a detailed scope of the work, what are the areas of the building that need to be painted, what are the areas that don’t. For the most accurate quotes from industrial painting contractors, they naturally need to bid on the same scope of work. 

2. Send out a request for quotes

Contact at least three industrial painting contractors and get their written quotes. Many companies have their presence in the web. Browse through their websites to learn about the services and expertise they offer. 

3. Get the most suitable painting process

Focus on the details of what the bidding industrial painting contractors will do for all areas to be painted. Don’t hesitate to discuss surface preparations, priming, finishing, among other things. 

4. Be concerned about property protection

During painting, nearby plants and ornamental objects may need to be removed or protected from the painting activity, and if so, ask the contractors what they recommend. 

5. Achieve the best time schedule

Request the bidding contractor to provide a time plan of the painting activity. Should the estimates fall short, ask the company how they will address the issue of late completion. 

6. Get the most suitable post-work warranty

If ever a paint failure occurs, how will the contractor respond to this? Will labor and materials be available? The contractor needs to give assurance of how long the warranty will be in effect for this project. 

7. Choose the company with proven work history

Award the job to the painting company that can provide the best client references of past work. Take the time to contact these clients and ask for feedback regarding the contractor’s work. 

8. Insist on a face-to-face presentation

First impressions can be important. A presentation can indicate if the contractor is professional and courteous, or disorganized and haphazard. 

9. Establish communication and response lines>

A contractor that is slow in returning phone calls and cancels on appointments is a hindrance to the project. 

10. Get the best quality paint

Insist on top quality paint for the project. The rule of thumb in the paint industry is that the extra cost of quality paints is a small investment that can be recouped because they are longer lasting. 

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