Part 1 – Tips to Get the Best Industrial Painting Contractor in the Market

January 12, 2009

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Before it gets to the point of becoming glaringly obvious that the building is deteriorating, you as a facility manager should make the decision to hire an industrial painting company for the job. This task is made easy if you follow some common sense tips below:

1. Specify the correct painting requirement

You really have to sit this one out and come up with a detailed scope of the work you need. The scope should answer questions like: what are the areas of the building that need to be painted? What are the areas that don’t? Any particular technique preferred? Any special consideration before, during and after the work is done? For the most accurate quotes from painting contractors, they need to bid on the exact scope of work from which to base their estimates. Error a little, and the price estimates will be off, potentially resulting in problems.

2. Send out a request for quotes

Contact at least three contractors, provide them with the requirements and invite them to bid. Not sure who to contact? Many companies have their presence in the web. Browsing through industrial painting contractors’ websites will provide important knowledge about the services and expertise these contractors offer.

The next blog will discuss more valuable tips on hiring the best industrial contractor for the job.

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