Part 2 – Tips to Get the Best Industrial Painting Contractor in the Market

January 13, 2009

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Continued: Tips to Get the Best Industrial Painting Contractor in the Market.

The previous blog initially provided several tips on how to get the right industrial painting contractor in the market, here are several more no-nonsense tips for building owners and facility managers:

3. Identify the most suitable painting process

This is the point where details become so important in your quest for the best industrial painting contractor for the job. This process should include discussions with potential contractors on such technical matters as surface preparations, priming, finishing, among others. This can provide clarity of the actual project requirements, that in turn allows for the appropriate technical process to be applied, which translates to an accurate estimate of the project.

4. Plan on property protection

During painting, building objects such as nearby plants, furniture or ornaments may need to be removed or protected from the painting activity. If this is the case, clarify with the contractors how they plan to do so to prevent damage to your building assets and protect business property inside and outside of the building.

5. Strive for the most cost-effective schedule

The bidding contractor should provide you with a time line of the painting activity. Estimates and timeline are compared for an estimated date of completion. This time line is an effective way to track the progress of the activity. If ever the estimates don’t meet the scheduled completion date, ask the contractor how they will address the issue of late completion and what is their contingency plan or “Plan B” in such case.

Identifying the most suitable painting process, planning on protecting the objects in the building and getting the most cost-effective schedule for the project are some important details that can drive the project towards successful completion.

The next blog will provide more useful tips on choosing an industrial contractor, particularly on warranties, work histories, and face-to-face presentations.

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