Part 4 – Tips to Get the Best Industrial Painting Contractor in the Market

January 15, 2009

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Continued: Tips to Get the Best Industrial Painting Contractor in the Market.

This four part series focused on how to get the best industrial painting contractor for your building paint job. There are two remaining, though no less essential, steps. These steps are about two complementing elements of every industrial painting process – communication and technology.

9. Establish a clear communication system

Examine and agree on the most effective communication lines and mode of communication (i.e., phone numbers, cell phones, office phone). Knowing the best way to contact your contractor and making sure that your contractor responds within a reasonable time will lay the groundwork for harmonious and effective communication, even before the project start date. Setting up communication channels is the important key to avoid problems deep into the project. A contractor that is slow in returning phone calls and cancels on appointments is a major hindrance to the project.

10. Get the best quality paint

Emphasize your preference for high-quality paints for the project. When faced with the decision to choose between sub-standard yet low-priced paints over high-quality paint, contractors should always go for the higher quality paint. The rule of thumb in the paint industry is that the extra cost of quality paints is a small investment that can be recouped because they are longer lasting.

Choosing the right industrial painting contractor may seem exhausting at first, but once you follow the tips discussed in this 4-blog series, you are on your way to choosing the right industrial painting contractor. The selection process is an exercise in patience, competence, good communication, and project execution. The reward for a facility manager is a, brand-new-looking, pleasing-to-the-eye building.

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