To Hire or Not to Hire Floor Coatings Experts

May 6, 2010

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In deciding to repair facility floors, facility managers need to ask whether to have the in-house crew do the job or not.

Application of epoxy coatings systems is fairly easy, as long as the coating applicator follows the manufacturer’s instructions. The floors must be prepared carefully. The area should be thoroughly cleaned. Some etching may have to be done to remove stubborn foreign materials embedded in the floors. Also, if there are cracks or tears at any part of the flooring, it should be repaired first.

When all these activities are completed, the epoxy paint has to be prepared. The coatings have to be mixed properly and applied on the floor surfaces. After the initial coat, any coloring chips or textured materials is then added. And lastly the top coat has to be prepared and applied.

Large floor areas can magnify the work above. For more effective and better assurance of a successful epoxy coatings application, it is better to work with a professional coatings company.

Their expertise guarantees good quality achieved at reasonable costs. They choose the best-performing floor coatings and suggest the most appropriate styles and colors for the floors. If the floors are located in areas with low-downtime tolerance, epoxy coatings professionals assure the quick delivery of the job by adhering to the tight and agreed schedule.

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