Part 1 – Too Beautiful To Be This Tough: The Virtues of Epoxy Paint

November 24, 2008

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Where can you use epoxy?

You can use epoxy almost anywhere that you need a durable, chemically resistant surface finish. Epoxy has many virtues which make it a coating of choice for many commercial and industrial applications.

Use Epoxy for Excellent Adhesion

Excellent adhesion characteristics expand potential epoxy uses to any setting where impact resistance is a prime concern. By making a very strong bond with a treated surface, epoxy has the tenacity to perform where other paints come up short.

Repair and renovation of floors and decking is possible by using epoxy as the primary coating. The two component paint locks into the surface and leeches deeply into the substrate. When properly applied, epoxy provides superior adhesion to almost any other coating.

Adhesion for chemical and electrical resistance will be covered in part two.

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