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January 14, 2013

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Epoxy deck coatings

One of the most popular floor coatings used for industrial and commercial facilities, epoxy deck coatings are extremely durable, and form a nearly impenetrable layer between your flooring substrates and the substances that could damage them, including water, chemicals, and corrosion through exposure to air.

It is essential to have an experienced, professional commercial painting contractor apply epoxy coatings to your decks or floors to gain the maximum benefits. This is due to the necessity of thorough surface preparation, and the precision and timing involved in mixing and applying the epoxy resins.

What it is

Epoxy is a two-part coating that reacts when combined to form a tough-as-nails shell that is completely moisture-proof and nearly impermeable. When applied properly, this type of coating can withstand heavy traffic and harsh chemical or environmental conditions for several years without sustaining damage.

Epoxy coatings are also fire-retardant, and have exceptional adhesive capabilities. This coating bonds strongly with nearly every type of substrate, from wood to metal to concrete, ensuring that your flooring will remain intact for longer. The smooth finish of epoxy coating makes the surface easy to clean and maintain.

For industrial applications, where avoiding lengthy downtimes is a primary concern, fast-drying epoxy is often used to prevent operational shutdown during the coating process.

Where to use it

Perhaps the most common use of epoxy deck coatings is for concrete floors, such as those found in garages, fire and train stations, and many industrial production facilities. This type of deck coating is also ideal for parking lots and parking garages, as it can withstand tremendous pressure and frequent vehicle traffic without becoming damaged.

Epoxy coatings can also be used on a wide variety of flooring types, from retail locations to steel decks. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and can be employed in highly corrosive environments such as grease pits for heavy machinery.


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