Trends in Green-Friendly Paint

July 27, 2012

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In terms of painting a building or any sort of construction, environmentally conscious practices are becoming increasingly common place.

Whether you’re a contractor or a person in need of a contractor’s services, you’d do well to learn about the green practices available these days, even with something as simple as a can of paint. A can of paint typically has a wide variety of toxins and chemicals that are too harsh to breathe, let alone ingest, directly inhale or have contact with your eyes, throat or stomach. Today, apartment complexes are required by Federal law to protect tenants against lead poisoning and use lead-free paint when treating a building.

For those concerned with these types of problems, green-friendly paint can be a lifesaver. This is a type of paint that uses a larger mix of natural elements so that harmful chemicals don’t wind up affecting the environment. If a person is painting a project and accidentally allows the paint to spill into the ground, a steady rain will cause runoff and harmful chemicals found within the paint will find its way elsewhere, possibly into a water supply. The paint chemicals would also harm animals that came in contact with it, should they ingest it.

Many suppliers and painting contractors are switching to green-friendly paints because their consumer base demands it. We live in an age where more people are buying organic, natural and free trade products, shop at farmer’s markets, and opt for holistic rather than drug treatments. More people are buying green-friendly and hybrid vehicles, composting, recycling, and contributing to sustainability efforts throughout the country. It’s only natural that this way of thinking would find its way into something as simple as the chemicals used in a paint project.

If you’re empowered with information, it’s on you to make an effort to research and decide to spend your hard earned money with a company whose practices align with what you believe. If green practices are important to you, then your painting contractors should use green friendly paint.

You’ll first want to research the company’s website and any brochures. Most companies will openly advertise that they use green products since it’s a popular trend. Many exterminators will also advertise that their products are green for the same reason. If the company you’re researching doesn’t openly state that they use environmentally friendly paints, feel free to ask. If they’re up front and honest, the contractors should have no problem telling you about the types and brands of paints they use–some may even show you around and let you see the paints for yourself.

Using environmentally friendly paint is not only a choice that benefits your lifestyle; it makes the community you live in a better place. People deserve to live in a clean, safe, environment, and environmentally friendly paints is a step in the right direction.

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