Exterior decks, patios, garages and walk ways are some of the most heavily trafficked areas in the facility, making them very vulnerable to deterioration. Deck coatings are often the first component of exterior decks to fall into disrepair , requiring regular repairs and maintenance to prolong their usability.

To preserve the useful life of deck coatings longer requires the identification of the correct type of deck coatings to apply in specific applications and functions. Various types of deck coatings exist today, and some of them are enumerated below:

1. Urethane deck coatings are perfect for waterproofing requirements. They are applied in layers with a broadcast of sand on the top coat, although they are known to have lower tolerance for damages and need to be maintained regularly.

2. Slip sheet decking coatings are multi-layered coatings made of slipped-in paper materials between the original deck surface. This system allows flexibility that eliminates cracking when decks are exposed to extremely varying temperatures.

3. Magnesite deck coatings systems are quick-drying and non-combustible cement used commonly for architectural designs. They are known for durability but must be restored constantly because of the likelihood of surface cracking and water seepage.

Other deck coatings commonly implemented are acrylic systems, vinyl coating systems and fiberglass systems, among others.