Types of Roof Coatings

March 17, 2009

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The type of roof coatings that can be applied to roofing systems is heavily dependent on a variety of factors ranging from the climate to the cost and schedule of the facility’s maintenance program. Roof coatings contractors also factor in the technical aspects of the roofing system, such as the roof slope and roof surface condition, to come up with the appropriate roof coatings product to use on a project.

Roof coatings contractors prefer to use Elastomeric or Polyurea roof coatings for many roof projects. Elastomeric coating and Polyurea products are known for their flexible capacity to repair and protect the roof from damages.

The most widely-used roof coatings product is the acrylic elastomeric coating. This type of elastomeric coating can extend the lifespan of the roofing system through a dependable protective finish. Acrylic elastomeric coating is also preferred by green building enthusiasts because of its environment-friendly coating formulation.

While acrylic elastomeric coating is best suited for sloped roofs, butyl elastomeric coating is more often used for flat roofs that are commonly exposed to water ponding. Other elastomeric coating formulations are polyurethane roof coatings that are very effective in coating rubber and single-ply roofing systems, and silicone coatings which are useful in silicone-coated roofs.

Polyurea roof coatings, on the other hand, provide a strong and seamless coating layer for metal and concrete.

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