Understanding the Deck Coating Preparation Process

October 1, 2008

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Deck coating is one of the more challenging aspects of professional painting and coating. The deck surface takes repeated impacts and abrasions, as well as the general wear and tear of heavy traffic. All of this abuse makes the preparation stage of deck coating extremely important. If the prep work is not up to par, the deck coating will have a dramatically shorter working life.

Professional painting companies routinely develop very effective deck coating strategies for their clients. Here is a look at some of the basics involved in preparing a deck surface for coating.

Clean Surfaces

Any painting surface has to be clean to ensure a tight bond between the paint and the surface material. Stains, dust and grease all act as wedges between the primer coats and the surface, and create opportunities for the deck coating to fail.

Mold and mildew may be a problem on some deck surfaces. If so, this issue must be addressed during the prep stage, or else the mold can create complications with the deck coating material. If mildew is sealed under the deck coating, it can grow unchecked resulting in a potential health hazard. The mildew can also weaken a deck coating’s adhesive qualities.

Repair Damage

Damaged or marred surfaces must be repaired or replaced before starting the deck coating process. Loose materials or broken materials can create serious complications in the deck coatings integrity. Depending on surface conditions, sand or shot blasting may be necessary to thoroughly clean the surface and prepare it for deck coating.

Most deck coating professionals prefer to do their own prep work before application. By taking care of the cleaning and sanding, the professional contractor is ensuring that the deck coating will be able to take the deck’s day to day working conditions. 

If you need assistance selecting deck coatings for your commercial or industrial facility, please contact a professional painting company for more information.

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