Underwater Epoxy Coatings Applications

October 13, 2009

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Underwater epoxy coatings are gaining acceptance from owners of underground facilities and structures because they offer a more attractive alternative to the costly practice of replacing parts of the facility during repair and maintenance.

Aside from the cost savings, two-part underwater epoxy coatings are designed for high performance and longevity, perfect for repair and maintenance work in piers, swimming pools, containment tanks, and structures that are partially or completely submerged in water most of the time.

Another desirable thing about underwater epoxy coatings is the ease of application they offer to painting applicators. For painting contractors that specialize in underwater coating applications, these epoxy coatings can be handled conveniently during the entire painting process, making the job as easy as when done above ground.

Underwater epoxy coatings are not only solely used for submerged surfaces, they are also effective in surfaces that are often exposed to certain amounts of dampness and water saturation. Facilities such as loading docks, ships, boats, and sweating pipes, which are not water-inundated but tolerate certain amounts of moisture most of the time.

Other applications where underwater epoxy coatings are effective are facilities in high-humidity locations, where ordinary paints often fail because of the high moisture levels.

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