Unsinkable Underwater Epoxies

October 12, 2009

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Compared to the entire coatings industry, the underwater or marine painting industry is only a tiny niche. Very few paint manufacturers venture into the area of underwater epoxy coatings formulation, because there is relatively smaller market demand for marine paints than regular coatings. Underwater applications are not as numerous as regular painting projects, and comprise only a small portion of manufacturer’s epoxy coatings sales. On top of this, underwater facility owners are slow to warm up to underwater epoxies, preferring replacement over repairs of faulty coating systems.

But with the growing advances in underwater epoxy coatings technology, that trend is gradually reversing. Underwater epoxy coatings are proving to be more cost-beneficial in the long run, with the capacity to eliminate costly replacement with on-site repairs and maintenance. Underwater epoxy coatings are now imbued with better performance and flexibility in the repairs and maintenance of submerged structures.

Gone are the days when underwater painting means sticking a bubble-gum-like substance to the affected surface. Underwater epoxies are now impervious to water and act effectively as sealers, and are easier to handle and apply. More and more marine painting projects are using underwater epoxies, achieving high-performance, durability and cost-savings all the same time.

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