Urethane-Based Sealants: Low Cost and High Performance in One

October 13, 2010

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Many commercial building waterproofing projects make use of urethane-based sealants to achieve cost benefits and high performance at the same time. Urethane-based sealing formulations are a less expensive option compared to silicone-based sealing products, without compromising the quality of the commercial building waterproofing system.

In this sense, urethanes come in a very close second choice for facility owners that have a much lesser budget to spend on commercial building waterproofing projects. No wonder that these products are some of the most widely-used sealants in the industry.

Urethanes have respectable longevity — as long as 10 years. Although this is much less when compared to the 20-year useful life of silicone sealants, urethanes still offer long-term reliability in commercial building waterproofing. Aside from a long service life, urethanes are known for their flexibility that is very useful for waterproofing areas subjected to joint movements. These sealants can be painted over, which is a big plus for aesthetics. With this paint-ability, the choice of thematic colors for the building is not hindered by the application of urethane sealants.

The usage of urethane sealants in the industry is wide-ranging. Because of its good adhesion to many types of substrates, urethanes are used in construction involving glass insulations, joint sealing roofing membrane sealing, and even for commercial building waterproofing of concrete and metal buildings. They are also very popular for home renovations and are used in machinery and equipment coating.

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