Utilize Graphic Art and Signs for Your Business Property

October 1, 2011

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Putting business-oriented signage on your buildings is a great means of getting new clients for your business. These signs serve a dual purpose, letting customers know where you are situated and providing advertising for your company to passersby.

Because a number of kinds of commercial signs are available from which to choose, you are sure to find one that provides the image you want to convey. There are an unlimited number of ways in which you can utilize custom commercial signs to create indoor and outdoor signs.

Metal and Aluminum Construction

It is possible to make commercial metal signs in various shapes, including rectangular, oval and arched. Then you have a number of choices to make in order to create the design that you prefer. Various colors can be used for the background, and it is possible to use either gold or silver lettering. Cast aluminum commercial building signs are ideal for outdoor use since they are weather resistant. Available in a variety of shapes, the signs can be hung or mounted on a surface or lawn.


Commercial real estate signs look far better than other types of signs. It is a simple matter to create custom arrangements so that the sign coordinates with the property being sold. In addition, commercial retail signs offer a professional appearance that creates a memorable impression on potential customers. Exterior commercial signs are ideal for use by businesses, educational facilities, libraries and hotels. It is possible to obtain brass numbers, letters and punctuation marks in a number of sizes and finishes. Solid, high quality brass makes displaying business and commercial identification easy.

Signs That Are Big or Small

It is possible to get commercial business signs that are very large or very small, depending upon your wants and needs. It is possible to have a small plaque created on which only the address appears, or you can opt for a large building sign that bears the name, logo and address of your company. Commercial building signs are constructed to be durable and to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means that you do not have to bring the sign indoors when inclement weather occurs to prevent the sign from incurring damage.

Indoor and Outdoor Signs

It is easy to understand why businesses and retail establishments are so fond of commercial interior and outdoor signage, since there are so many options from which to choose. Choose from a variety of background colors, shapes, emblems and sign mounting options that permit you to create a sign that suits your needs and attracts customers. Commercial business signs are not only used outdoors. It is a simple matter to have signs made to post of offices or other rooms in the building.

Custom Choices

It is not difficult to find commercial building signage that helps attract potential customers and at the same time provides you with a unique, professional appearance that coordinates with the surroundings. Custom commercial signs are ideal for people who want to customize the appearance of the sign and still provide the necessary information in a way that is easily visible. If you choose a company that is experienced in designing and installing commercial signage, your building is sure to make an impression on people.

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