Utilize Polyethylene Tanks for Storage of Liquids

February 9, 2012

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It is easy to utilize polyethylene tanks for atmospheric (or non-pressure) storage of liquids, such as potable water, foods, and volatile chemicals.

They are cheaper than tanks made from stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass and are constructed without seams, which ensures they are sturdier and provides a longer lifespan. Poly-tanks are easier to manage and install than steel tanks due to the fact that they weigh half as much. They can withstand force and the effects of toxic chemicals, and as a result are rust and corrosion proof.

The tanks are fabricated out of FDA approved resins, making them perfect for water storage, processing foods, health, beauty aids, and highly purified chemicals. They are not affected by sunlight for a long time because of the ultra-violet light inhibitors they are molded with. All the single-walled tanks allow a view of how much liquid remains through the tank wall because the natural resins are clear.

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