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September 9, 2009

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Whatever the scale and function of industrial applications, any routine or emergency maintenance projects in these facilities always require the use of the best industrial coatings applications and solutions possible. This is because industrial facilities directly affect the lives of people in the community with the services they provide. Interruption of these services due to industrial coatings failures are not only costly monetary-wise, they can also disrupt the quality of life of the populace.

Most often, the best solution for repair and maintenance is simple: a clear understanding of why industrial coatings applications fail or degrade in performance, in the first place. For example, corrosion from natural and chemical causes can lead to deterioration of industrial coatings applications, as well as actual physical damage due to daily occupational traffic of man and machine within the facility.

The most high-performing coatings products are those that address these vulnerabilities. These quality products should be identified and used in industrial coatings applications, because failure to do so can increase labor costs, or even lead to coating failures. Because of the importance of industrial facilities in relation to the community’s life, coatings products used in industrial coatings applications must further comply with health and environmental standards of safety.

Versatilite polymeric coatings products provide protection and longevity against damages caused by machineries and heavy equipments. Coatings systems that are flexible and suited for many types of applications , such as abrasion-resistant elastomeric polymer linings, water proofing solutions, and environment friendly polymers are some of the diverse products that can be used for high-performing and durable industrial coatings applications.

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