Versatile Uses of Epoxy Coatings

June 29, 2009

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Because of the nature of the business activities commonly done in commercial and industrial facilities, the coating requirements of these facilities are often higher and more demanding than in ordinary buildings. Commercial and industrial facilities, for one, are usually filled with more people or personnel who normally access many different locations in the building in the course of their daily operational tasks. There are also many activities and processes simultaneously done using a variety of tools, machineries and equipments. The hectic activities inevitably bring major wear and tear to floors and decks that can lead to operational problems if not properly addressed by facility managers.

When it comes to coating requirements, epoxy coating products are time-tested and proven to be very reliable in delivering long-lasting and high-performance protection to facility decks and floors. Epoxy coating products exhibit versatility in design, with many possible coating applications, from waterproofing, resistance to caustic chemical damages, and good performance against service and application-related traffic.

Epoxy coating products are often used for industrial and commercial parking decks, sun decks, balconies, and traffic-bearing areas, mechanical and other industrial rooms. The versatile epoxy coating serves a very useful function in providing protective resistance as well as enhancing the aesthetic value of any building or facility.

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