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February 24, 2010

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When the need to liven up facility spaces meant working on beautifying the walls, facility managers often choose between several kinds of decorative wall applications, like decorative coatings or wallcovering installations. Opting for wallcovering improvements means hiring a wallcovering contractor to come up with interesting wall murals or decorative wall arts that delivers the desired aesthetic enhancements, not to mention quality work done within a reasonable budget.

Implementing a successful wallcovering project is a walk in the park if the wallcovering contractor has the right skills and expertise for the job. Facility managers should keep in mind the following criteria or rule-of-thumb in selecting the right wallcovering contractor for the job:

1. The contractor’s team should be composed of courteous professionals with a deep commitment to do the job right the first time.

2. The contractor should have a reputation that fares well against those of competitors.

3. The contractor should have a long record of quality wallcovering projects.

4. The contractor should have the evidence of industry expertise, in the form of certifications, awards, and client testimonials.

5. The contractor’s manpower pool should bear the mark of skilled craftsmanship in all aspects of the wallcovering application.

Because of budget considerations, facility managers may sometimes be tempted to choose the wallcovering contractor based on their lowest bid. This is often detrimental to the wallcovering project, because the intended cost savings is not realized when added costs pile up due to sub-standard work, rushed tasks, less manpower, re-work, among others.

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