Warehouse Floor Coating Maintenance Options

August 4, 2009

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Warehouse managers rely on the assessment of an expert painting company on how to repair warehouse floors. When the painting company conducts initial assessment, it studies the stresses, chemical exposure, and functions unique to the warehouse. It takes a skilled painting company to be able to use the assessment to recommend the most cost-efficient method for the repair or improvement of warehouse floor coatings. Years of field experience will help the painting company consider whether to use specialty coatings, concrete paints, or sealers for the warehouse floors, given the cost requirements.

For warehouses used in the food industry or other highly-controlled environments, where hygienic requirements and strict safety, processing and control standards need to be observed and complied with, the painting company will recommend the most appropriate specialty coatings. As a low-cost alternative for basic warehouses that have no special requirements, concrete paint will recommended by the painting company. Concrete paint accrues lower initial costs, employs simple application methods, and is know to give generally good operational performance. When the concrete paints deteriorate or chips off, the painting company will also recommend the use of concrete sealers, an additional but worthy cost.

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