Water Tank Coating: What You Should Be Looking For

June 16, 2011

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If you are investing in water tank coating, don’t go for the first thing you see on the shelf. Instead, review your options and go for the solution that’s within your budget while also offering the best value for money.

Good water tank coatings should prevent any bacterial growth that could make the water you’re storing unsafe for use. A good place to look therefore would be for water tank coatings which can be used for drinking water. These types of products will offer outstanding quality while also allowing you to adhere to health-and-safety guidelines. Paying that little bit extra for peace of mind can be worthwhile.

Water tank coating: What’s it compatible with?

You should remember that water tank coating will be mostly compatible with steel and concrete. This way, no matter what the state of your tank and the purpose for your investment, you’ll be covered.

How can you find out whether water tank coating will meet your high standards?

Look for the DWI stamp of approval. From the Drinking Water Inspectorate, they run extensive tests to see whether any chemicals or materials from the coating affect the taste of the drinking water, or affect the quality in any way. You should be careful on the products you buy without vigorous testing from an independent regulatory body first.

How can you size up the job?

If you’re going to be using water tank coatings on a large scale for a network of tanks, you’ll want to buy just the right quantity of product to do the job. For this to be possible, check how many coats the paint needs to protect the tank fully. In most cases, only one coat is required.

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