Water Tank In-Service Painting

May 28, 2009

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Draining of water tanks to conduct repair or maintenance work was once a necessary yet costly concern, until in-service water tank coating application was made possible by the breakthrough in moisture-cured urethane (MCU) coatings.

MCU tank coating products effectively react with water condensation present in water tanks, because like all urethane coatings it contains foundational isocyanate groups of atoms reactive to hydrogen-based compounds. Because of this, the single-component MCU coatings eliminate the need for tank draining during tank coating application. With draining no longer necessary, in-service painting can be done to the water tank, allowing it to function without interruption to service.

MCU coatings not only make in-service painting possible, it also provides enduring protection and restore the aesthetic value of the water tank.

MCU coatings are applied easily and similar to ordinary protective coatings, requiring only careful surface preparation, and several layers of coating application applied evenly by skilled painting workers. In applying MCU tank coating, surface preparation entails the thorough cleansing and removal of any chalking, rust, or loose coatings that has lodged in the tank’s surface. An MCU primer is then applied following manufacturer’s thickness specifications. A MIO-aluminum coat is later applied evenly to repair rusted or damaged areas. Another layer of MCU coating restores color and gloss to the surface, enhancing it aesthetically. A specified amount of time is allocated for drying.

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