Waterproof for Building Code Compliance

June 3, 2010

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To prevent moisture from penetrating the building and causing damages, it needs to be waterproofed. Waterproofing contractors often install a combination of moisture, air, vapor, and heat barriers to form a water-tight and air-tight waterproofing system. Waterproofing the building is one of the requirements for compliance with the International Building Code (IBC). Other states and local jurisdictions also require adequate waterproofing systems to be installed to comply with their area’s respective building codes.

Why are building codes covering the need for waterproofing systems? It is because waterproofing systems are the only way to address many problems that arise from the harmful effect of air and moisture to the building.

Waterproofing contractors therefore make compliance to the building code as one of the basis when they chose and design the building’s waterproofing system. The most appropriate product that satisfies the building code, next to compliance to project requirements, often forms the main determinant why any product is selected.

Waterproofing systems, products, and even contractors undergo evaluation to see if they are in compliance with any particular building code. Products are evaluated as to their design, intended use, suitability to types of soils and substrates, installation, among others. They are tested for their waterproofing performance, and whether or not they meet the level approved by the building code.

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