Waterproof Underground Structures & Buildings

March 21, 2012

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Engineering structures that are built at least partly underground need to be waterproofed for protection from water infiltration due to close contact with the surrounding ground.

One common method involves the application of waterproofing materials to the interior and exterior walls of the structure, including the floors, to completely create a watertight seal against ground contact. The waterproofing contractor installs the system either during building construction or later as a retrofit application for remedial waterproofing.

External structures like car parks, walkways, stairways and loading decks are exposed to daily traffic and mechanical damage that also undermines their waterproofing system, thereby degrading slip- and skid-resistance, and brings a look of general deterioration.

Waterproofing structures requires a high level of skill and planning, because ground moisture can come in many forms and affect structures in different ways. For instance, minor seepage can cause infiltration and damage, more so than water that exerts a palpable pressure on the structure.

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