Waterproofing huge buildings and complex structures

November 21, 2011

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Waterproofing deck coating products used for large-scale projects must be top quality.

The barrier systems must consist of epoxy primers and polyurethane membranes that deliver superior performance. To ensure coatings effectiveness, water testing of the installed barrier system is a major challenge. Complete leakage evaluation is integral to ensure waterproofing success and to avoid major additional costs.

Waterproofing huge buildings and complex structures can pose large-scale problems not generally seen in regular waterproofing projects. High-trafficked facilities such as airports, sports complexes, or luxury spa and resorts are just some of these structures that go beyond routine waterproofing. Waterproofing contractors deal with different variables and deal with them in larger-than-normal scales.

The project scope can be daunting. It’s not hard to imagine the huge amount of waterproofing deck coating products needed to protect the decks and floors of an international airport, for example.

With size comes complexity, because large-scale waterproofing demands perfect integration with the facilities’ mechanical systems, deliver longevity, perform well and remain easy to implement despite the larger proportions.

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