Challenges with Waterproofing Large Structures

November 30, 2015

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Installing an effective and high-performance waterproofing system for facilities of immense dimensions is not an easy task. There are many obstacles to overcome and foremost of this is course the massive structural elements.

Here are some of the challenges posed by waterproofing huge facility structures:

1. Vast Coverage/Scope

Waterproofing the roofs, basements, decks and floors of large facilities require extensive skills from the chosen waterproofing contractor. For decks and floors, a large volume of waterproofing deck coating product is required to completely protect these areas from water penetration.

2. Coatings Selection

Selecting the appropriate paint for the decks and corridors of massive structures is similar to selecting the paint for a regular-sized project. The barrier or envelop to be installed needs coatings appropriate to the function, purpose and environmental conditions of the structure. If the structure is exposed to hot weather or constant wind, then waterproofing deck coatings that are resistant to such elements should be chosen. If the structure is expected to receive a fair amount of moisture throughout its service life, then the waterproofing deck coating product to apply should be strongly-resistant to such levels of water exposure.

3. Ease and Speed of Installation

The large-scale waterproofing system project may require beyond-average resources to implement. More manpower, more tools and equipments, more paint, and the like. But the project does not necessarily require more time, if the products used are of top quality and the personnel using them are equally so. Choosing waterproofing deck coating products that are easy to handle, mix, store, apply, cure and dispose of, cuts the project timeline significantly. In the hands of skilled waterproofing deck coating contractors, the completion time is even lesser.

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