Waterproofing a Roof Deck

September 13, 2012

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From the Top Down – Waterproofing a roof deck with elastomerics

Your roof is the umbrella for your commercial or industrial facility, protecting your investment from the elements. This means it’s essential that your “umbrella” is completely waterproof. If moisture gets into your structure through the roof, it can cause a cascade of damage.

One of the best ways to protect your facility is with the application of elastomeric coating to your roof deck. This specialized type of paint has many excellent qualities to guard against the damages that water and weather can cause.

A barrier against the elements

Elastomeric coating, a water-based paint made with acrylic resin, forms an impenetrable skin for your facility roof. This type of coating is entirely waterproof—it doesn’t allow the substrate to “breathe,” so moisture can’t seep through as it does with ordinary paint.

Elastomerics also provide protection from the sun. Extreme heat can cause building surfaces to expand, which normally results in cracks or chipped areas in the coating. However, elastomerics are highly flexible and have the ability to stretch along with expansion or contraction, and then return to its original shape.

An effective solution for a troubled roof

For roofs that are already experiencing water intrusion, commercial painting contractors can use elastomerics to repair the leaks and prevent substrate damage. The best and most effective procedure involves extensive surface preparation to level the surface of the roof and prepare the substrate for adhesion.

Following prep work, several coats of elastomeric paint should be applied to form a smooth, reflective surface. Roofs should also receive a polyurethane or UV-protective top coat to protect the elastomeric coating from sun damage and fading.

A roof that is protected from the elements can go a long way toward ensuring that your commercial or industrial facility remains in good shape. Durable elastomeric coatings are an excellent choice for keeping your roof sealed away from harm, and retaining a high aesthetic appeal for years—without the need for a fresh application.

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