Waterproofing Systems for Engineering Structures

June 10, 2009

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The waterproofing system for any engineering structure is highly dependent on the condition of the structure in relation to the surrounding grounds, and the manner in which water is permeating the whole structure as a result. The role of a waterproofing system is to act as a watertight shield, sealing the structure and making it impervious to water seepage and pressure.

The waterproofing contractor designs an appropriate waterproofing system, implementing it with the correct combination of waterproofing materials and application methods. A particularly-skilled waterproofing contractor may choose to use a variation of cementitious polymer-based coatings or multi-coat renders, mastic asphalt or liquid-applied membranes, slurries, or even the creative use of epoxy coatings to setup the waterproofing system.

Waterproofing contractor companies may also choose to fortify waterproofing systems with the construction of non-linked cavity walls and bund walls, or even setup drainage channels and pumps to remove excess water during waterproofing application. To address the issue of dampness and “breathability”, the waterproofing contractor may also install ventilated floorings to the underground chambers of the structure.

For external waterproofing, the application of cementitious coatings with chemical, skip or slip resistance is also preferred. Such coatings are impervious to water and dries quickly, ready for the onslaught of feet and mechanical traffic in a matter of hours.

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