Waterproofing Systems for Water-Free Commercial Buildings

July 20, 2010

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Commercial buildings need to be free of unwanted water intrusion at all times. Business processes are potentially affected by any failure in commercial building waterproofing systems. Commercial building waterproofing contractors specialize in installing waterproofing systems and providing the needed maintenance and repair when the need arise. A waterproofing system works in the following ways:

1. It keeps the water out. Any possible ways that water can enter the building is sealed from the ground up — roofs, walls, decks, basements, and the like.

2. It keeps the facility dry. Commercial building waterproofing systems work to make the interior “breathe”. This means that when water finally gets into the building, the waterproofing system should be able to channel it out. The use of drains and ventilation is part of this system.

3. It maintains air quality. Moisture-caused bacterial growth can fill building interiors and pose a threat to the very air that building occupants breathe. The waterproofing system prevents water to sit for long and allow micro-organisms to flourish.

4. It regulates interior temperature. Water in the inner sanctum of the building can cause temperature and humidity changes. HVAC systems have to work more to compensate, to greater costs. Waterproofing systems avoid this from happening.

5. It preserves structural integrity. Rotting building materials and weakened foundations are avoided with the proper waterproofing system, making the building safe from structural damage.

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