Part 2 – Weather Effects on Painting Applications — Exterior Painting Concerns: Moisture

November 17, 2008

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Exterior Painting Issues: Moisture

Of course, the sun is not the only harmful element that takes its toll on your exterior painting job. Rain, dew, condensation, snow, and ice can all create blisters, stains and peeling. Moisture blisters are typically deeper than a heat blister and can reach all the way down to the base of the coat. These can be slightly harder to repair, which makes prompt fixes a must. Moisture blisters are also somewhat harder to repair because the source of the moisture may be difficult to pinpoint and eliminate.

Of course, other weather phenomena can also radically impact your exterior painting attempts. Winds whipping particle grains, pollen, or other debris can wreak havoc on your paint job. Wind damage over time can also erode the long term quality of a finish.

Getting a high quality finished product requires a painting company with extensive experience dealing with the effects of weathering. Please contact a professional painting contractor for more information about painting weathering effects and suggestions for dealing with environmental damage to exterior painting projects.

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