Weatherproofing your Facility for Fall

September 9, 2012

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Weatherproofing your facility for Fall

Fall brings wetter, windier weather that does no favors for the exterior of your commercial or industrial facility. If the outside of your building has seen better days, it may be a good idea to have some work done prior to the autumn season.

Timing is important

Autumn is often the best time of year to waterproof your facility. There are many advantages of fall weather that help ensure a better, longer-lasting paint job for your exterior. Since it’s the driest time of year, the dry times for coatings are decreased, often significantly.

Another reason to weatherproof in fall is that summer’s humidity can pose problems for commercial painting contractors. When the air is filled with moisture, paint won’t adhere properly to the surface, and contractors must often wait for the humidity to fall. In addition, overnight humidity when paint is not yet dry can allow moisture to work its way into the building’s substrate.

The best coating for weatherproofing

Favored by many contractors for its many excellent properties, elastomeric paint is a popular choice for building exteriors and roofs. This thick, flexible coating is waterproof, and has exceptional color retention that prevents fading due to sun and wind.

Elastomerics also possess 100% elongation properties, meaning that the paint is able to stretch and “bounce back” to its original shape. This helps to prevent cracking or chipping, since the coating can expand or contract along with the substrate in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Finally, elastomerics not only form a barrier against moisture that can seep in through existing cracks or holes, but also bridge smaller surface cracks and keeps them from widening or spreading further.

Long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal

Elastomeric coatings for your industrial or commercial facility are a strong choice for protecting your investment from the elements in preparation for fall weather. In addition, elastomerics give your facility a great look that will last for years without fading or cracking.

When choosing a commercial painting contractor to weatherproof your building, look for the necessary experience and product knowledge to apply the coating correctly the first time. This will keep you from having to repaint after winter has its way with your exterior.

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