What Experts Recommend For Removing Graffiti

January 1, 2009

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Graffiti and the best way to repair the damages done to a building by graffiti artists, has become a subject of concern to building owners. This is due to the recent possibility of imposed fines as well as the unsightly property damage. In this article, you will find information on graffiti, the consequences and what the experts, commercial painting contractors, recommend to take care of the problem here. 

The consequences of graffiti to building owners:

In most cities there have been new laws that reprimand building owners when they don’t remove graffiti. In some instances property owners have 3 days after seeing the graffiti to remove it. A warning is issued if the building owner doesn’t get it done. If the owner does not comply after the notice, the minimum penalty is monetary. The penalties get steeper after this. A building owner should check the city statues for penalties in their area. 

The methods of graffiti removal:

There are four methods of removing graffiti recommended by commercial painting contractors; painting over it, chemicals for removal, water blasting and sandblasting. 

Painting over it

If this method is used, hiring commercial painting contractors may be best as it’s important to ensure a color match. If the building owner decides to use this method themselves they should consult a professional for the correct techniques. 

Chemicals for removal

The five types of graffiti removers are as follows: 

1. Solvents that contain chlorinated hydrocarbons 
2. Solvents that contain monoglycol ethers and glycol acetates 
3. Solvents that contain diglycol ethers 
4. Polar solvents 
5. Miscellaneous solvents 

These solvents are available in a several forms. Commercial painting contractors are the best source of information on the products and usage of these solvents to minimize damage to the property. 

Water blasting

The types of washers used for water blasting are; pressure washers, jet washers and power washers. The building material and the type of surface will dictate the type of washer that should be used. The psi should be a consideration as well as water flow rate, nozzle design, water temperature and whether any additives should be used.


Sandblasting usually yields a better surface than just painting on top of the graffiti. However, commercial painting contractors would be able to decide if this drastic step is needed.

When starting your commercial painting project, always consult with a professional commercial painting contractor. 

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