What Product Is Right for Your Painting Project?

October 1, 2008

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A Brief Look at Commercial Painting Products

The commercial painting product market has literally hundreds of applicators, paints, sprays, and types of coatings. If you are in charge of a facility, knowing a little bit about the types of products contractors use can help you make better maintenance decisions about your building.

Commercial Painting Delivery Systems

Airless Spray
Airless spray systems offer versatile and modular functioning. Airless systems can be used to apply lacquers, elastomerics, stains, and other coatings, and may be outfitted for either indoor or outdoor use. These sprayers are available in gas or electric powered models. The gas powered models are powerful, but are more suited to outdoor projects. Inside jobs are best handled with the quieter electric airless sprayer.

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP)
HVLP systems use a large volume of air reduced to a very low air pressure to turn a liquid paint into a spray. This commercial painting delivery system is often used to coat detailed woodwork and for ceilings. 

Standard Commercial Painting Paints

Standard commercial paints, such as the paints, primers and stains produced by companies like Benjamin Moore and Cabot, are used for general purpose coverings. Commercial painting products have a wide range of properties, so you should discuss your needs with a knowledgeable commercial painting contractor.

Specialty Commercial Painting Paints

Specialty commercial paints offer radically different coating properties for a demanding commercial painting environment. Here are a few examples of products that are designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications:

▪ Covercrete, a specialized concrete coating
▪ Griggs Paint, unique aerospace ready coatings
▪ Polymerland, special engineered resins for use with polymers
▪ Armorpoxy, a tough floor coating system

If you have a project coming up, please contact a professional painter. A skilled commercial painting contractor will be able to suggest the products and coating techniques that are right for your project.

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