What You did not Know Your Epoxy Floor Coating Could Do

June 4, 2015

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While you probably had an epoxy floor coating installed to protect your floors from the wear and tear of average use, there might be a few things that you didn’t count on but can actually benefit your company. If you haven’t had epoxy floor coatings installed yet, maybe these few extra advantages are what you need to convince you of how great they are.

Hidden Benefits of Your Epoxy Floor Coating

Among the most helpful features that hopefully will never need to be used is that your epoxy floor coating doubles as a fire retardant layer. The composition of epoxy makes it very difficult to burn – so difficult, in fact, that it can slow down the progress of a fire significantly and protect whatever it is coating until the flames either burn down naturally or the professionals get there to put it out. While a concrete floor would be unlikely to burn as well, the presence of the epoxy can slow down the spread of the fire to other areas, protecting the combustible items that might otherwise have caught.

An epoxy floor is also largely waterproof. While not a perfect seal, the way that the molecules align after curing creates a tight, cross-linked barrier that keeps out most liquid molecules. When something isn’t waterproof, like cotton for example, there are spaces between the molecules of the material that liquid molecules can pass through. Highly structured materials like epoxy don’t have a lot of space, so when two hydrogen atoms linked with an oxygen atom come by (a water molecule), they can’t fit through the tiny spaces to get to the floor underneath. So not only may your coating not be reactive to chemicals, but even water might not be able to get under it to wear away your floor.

Epoxy is not only a sealant, but a very strong adhesive. While you may not want to stick something to your floor, the adhesive properties also make the coating stick to the floor better before it cures. That means that it is much more difficult to pry or chip off the coating, improving the protection you’ll receive from it.

Doing it the Right Way

In order to get the maximum protection from an epoxy coating, it’s a good idea to get a professional commercial and industrial painting company like Raider Painting to come in and determine exactly what you need and how best to install it. We can walk you through the process and help you get the floor that will benefit you most.

Applying an epoxy floor coating is complex, so let the experts handle it to make sure you get those extra benefits.

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