What you need to know about hiring an Industrial Coatings Contractor

May 2, 2012

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In addition to regulations, other factors call for the guidance of an industrial coatings contractor such as performance, strength, durability, and life cycle of the product. The contractor provides the specifications and warranties provided with the products and service. In addition, the contractor provides a breakdown on costs for material and labor, and gives you a specific length of time guarantee for the finished product.

If surface repairs are needed before the coating can be applied, an experienced contractor will be able to provide that service and add it to the total cost. The type of surface and its condition, as well as prep time, and type of application, are all factors in determining costs.

One issue in hiring a professional industrial coatings contractor is that many coating jobs need time to cure. A professional crew will be able to work around your facility’s schedule to reduce downtime. Building owners must consider tenants and clients when they schedule jobs and this can be challenging depending on the work being performed.


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