What You Need to Hear from Industrial Painters in California

January 19, 2011

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When facility managers get down to the task of sifting through potential candidates, in order to get to the best industrial painters in California, what should be the information that they should need from these candidates?

Unsuspecting facility managers who aren’t focused on the selection process may end up getting sweet-talked by industrial painters in California who aren’t as ideal as the facility managers were led to believe. It is important to have handy criteria for the selection, and a way to extract information from potential industrial painters in California who are bidding for the project.

So what should the prospective contractor provide as information for the facility manager? Here are the most important:

1. Longevity and experience. The best industrial painters in California should be in business for some respectable years. The longer they served in the industry, the better it speaks about their experience and skills.

2. Business reputation. If the contractor belongs to the top 10 contractors in the industry, state-wide or nation-wide, then short-list this contractor. If they have the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry, this speaks well of their reputation and way of dealing with clients.

3. Area of expertise. Industrial painters in California have varied specialties — from exterior to interior painting, among others. Choose the one that can deliver your project requirements.

4. Warranties and guarantees. Ask the contractor about their work warranties, as well as their service guarantees, which cover their work ethics and processes, and payment systems.

The best industrial painters in California will not hesitate to put forth this information that could help you decide which one of them to hire for your project.

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