When is the Time to Waterproof a Commercial Building?

July 21, 2010

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When is it time for building managers to waterproof their commercial buildings? Below are the most appropriate instances when it is really time to call in commercial building waterproofing contractors:

1. At construction time.

Building planners incorporate the waterproofing system in the overall design of the building. Extensive waterproofing systems are installed when the facility is being built. This offers the advantage of ensuring a higher degree of moisture protection, because the barrier system is built into the building from the start, and drains or outlets are made a part of the original construction.

2. During building retrofit.

Commercial building waterproofing can also be done soon after the building is built. Certain problems may come up after construction, and as part of the retrofit, the system can be installed.

3. During building maintenance.

Preventive maintenance conducted regularly ensures the continuing good condition and performance of the commercial building. The facility and its equipments undergo tune-ups and re-servicing to keep them operational. This goes for commercial building waterproofing systems. Any corrective action is done during scheduled maintenance.

4. When building is renovated.

Building renovations to add a new wing, change the layout or introduce a new building feature affects the already-installed waterproofing system. The system may have to be dismantled to accommodate the alterations and should be re-installed with the changes.

5. As needed.

When critical damages occur, such as in the event of flood, fire or major disasters, the waterproofing system has to be repaired as soon as possible.

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