Which Painting Projects is Primer Used For?

June 11, 2012

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First of all, whenever someone paints on wood they should be prepared to have to use a primer with it. The primer is used to not only protect the paint, but to protect the wood itself. Since wood is a naturally thirst-hungry material, it is easy for it to absorb water into its porous material. This will not only ruin the wood over time, but it will cause the paint to begin to chip off. Through the use of a primer, this can prevent the wood from absorbing water, which will preserve both the wood and the paint.

Of course, wood is not the only surface that primer can be used on. It can also be used to help protect a metal surface that was painted on, as it will help prevent rusting. It can even be used on concrete surfaces or drywall to protect areas that are cracked, or may become cracked.

The issue with primer is that it’s used to not only protect paint and promote adhesion, but to protect the surface from natural damage as well. For any painting project where there is a risk that the surface will become damaged over time, using a primer is a necessity.

Cutting corners and skipping out on the paint primer will cause your paint and surface to wear down a lot faster. If help is needed to paint a building, there is always the option of hiring experienced painting contractors through a painting company to prep and paint the building. This does have an associated cost, but it will be worth it and will make the painting process much easier.

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