Why Facility Managers Need to Choose the Best Painting Contractors

January 8, 2009

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It’s time for your facility to get a new look. If it’s getting dilapidated on the edges, then you as a facility manager automatically know that it’s maintenance time for your building. First order of business: a paint job from a good painting contractor.

For your allocated maintenance budget, it’s very possible to actually find the best and finest painting contractor for the job. It just takes extra care on your part and avoidance of some risky practices. One such risk is to simply hire the last contractor who did the job. There’s a big chance there are more and better options now offered in the market than last year. Be wary also of price-friendly contractors that will offer you the moon in terms of painting job costs yet turn out sloppy and disastrous work.

Why the need for much care and consideration? Well, think of it. Since you and your building occupants would be the ones to live with and see, everyday, the annoying result of every iota of below-par workmanship, delayed delivery of service, and worse, a terrible coating system failure, doesn’t a job done well the first time at the best price seem the better option for you?

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