Why Floor Coating Choices Matter

June 15, 2011

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People who say that the choice of floor coating in a workplace is trivial don’t know their stuff. Making an impulsive bulk purchase of a certain solution can be a costly mistake – even putting the workforce in a business at risk. After all, if a firm works with liquids or there is a high likelihood of spillages during the working day, you wouldn’t consider anything but anti-skid floor coatings.

Anti-skid floor coatings are available for interiors and exteriors

There are products available to reduce the risk of skidding on floors, and some safety coatings are designed to be implemented on floors with a large surface area. To ensure that the protective measures don’t erode if they come into contact with chemicals, many forms of coating are resistant from even the most toxic of substances.

Some floor coatings are easier to maintain than others

Not all floor coatings are made equal. Although some solutions only need to be brushed over quickly with a broom to keep their original, spotless condition, others will need to be cleaned more intensively to remain in good shape. Unless your commercial properties have a full-time cleaner, you should consult with a contractor to discover the most economical acquisition to make.

Make sure that the floor coating you choose will be compatible with your chosen work surface

Some floor coatings are compatible with timber, steel and concrete, but it’s always worthwhile to read reviews and speak to a contractor before making that all-important purchase. Otherwise, it could be money down the drain!

As you can see, floor coatings really do matter, so review your prospects before making an investment.

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