Why is Safety Important to a Building Owner?

July 9, 2012

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Whenever there’s a renovation, construction or other sort of project going on in a building, building management should be concerned about safety. Even a simple painting project should have safety as its number one priority.

Why is Safety So Important?

Safety helps keep everything running smoothly, which keeps the project on a time table and it ensures that the painting company finishes up on time. Safety also makes sure there are no injuries to reflect poorly on the job site and the building management, and it ensures that there aren’t any lawsuits brought one way or another. Safety maintains a good reputation for both the contractors and for the building where they’re working. And perhaps the most practical thing is that safety saves money.

How Does Safety Save Money?

When it comes to painting your building, time is money. Keeping hallways closed or offices vacated means that there’s no one using those areas, and that can mean that no one is renting them out either. So the faster the painting gets done, the faster it’s back to business as usual in those areas. After all, if you can’t use them then they aren’t a resource you can draw on at that point in time, which costs you money for leaving them unused. Think of it like a farmer not planting in a field when he’s perfectly capable of doing so.

When contractors don’t follow proper safety, this often leads to injuries and impediments that make the job take longer. Falling off ladders, getting paint in the eyes or mouth and other problems won’t require the management to pay more (contractors get a flat fee), but it will cause the job to take longer. Alternatively if you make sure that contractors follow certain safety precautions with regards to respirators, eye protection, ladder height and location, etc. A safe company that works at a steady pace is better than an unsafe one that tries to get the job done quickly.

Confidence and Status Quo

When you keep things safe, you maintain a confidence that maintenance will be taken care of quickly and with few problems. A standard of excellence like this is often accepted without question or comment, but when errors and accidents become more common place it can result in some very negative feedback from those who rent in your building, or who are considering renting in your building. As such safety, while it might not be acknowledged as a factor in the decision making process, does play quite a big role in making your building seem like a solid and reliable investment. This is why safety is really so important, so integral, to your image and why you should always strive for that perfect, no injuries, law suits or sprained ankles record that people will be impressed by on down the line.

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