Why Secure a Warranty on Deck Coating Materials

January 12, 2011

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When it’s time to hire a deck coating contractor for a facility project, such as a deck waterproofing or repair project, one of the things that facility managers must secure from the contractor is a warranty on project materials. The facility manager should see to it that any materials that are to be installed come from reputable manufacturers whose products are rated by recognized certification authorities.

For example, the manufacturer should have had their deck coating products certified by the ICC or International Code Council, which is an organization that certifies that products meet the strictest of safety regulations and standards. ICC-approved materials are guaranteed to be pre-tested and approved for safe use.

Facility managers must check if any products planned for use by the deck coating contractor is ICC-approved or not. Although many deck coating materials and products are already ICC-certified, there are also popular products from well-known manufacturers that are not yet certified although they are already being used in facility projects.

The warranty on manufacturer’s products will lessen the facility’s liability when defective materials break down. For example, in the event of fire, the facility avoids a lawsuit when deck coating products that are certified as fire-retardants are used, but risks the same lawsuit when the materials used are not certified and therefore violates the Building Code.

It is best to get a materials warranty from both the contractor and the manufacturer. The former’s alone is not sufficient, but the manufacturer’s warranty should be obtained. The important thing is for both to be able to address any material defects problem that arises, without some warranty letting them off the hook.

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