Winter-Proofing Exterior Walls

December 8, 2009

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When the winter months are fast approaching, the exterior walls of the facility should be checked by an epoxy coating contractor for any signs of leaks or cracks to the coating system. Exterior walls are some of the most heavily-exposed areas of the facility, being constantly exposed to all kinds of weather the whole year round. The elements can be hard on the wall’s protective coatings, causing erosion, corrosion, and general physical deterioration. When winter comes, the epoxy coating contractor knows that exterior walls may already bear the scars of months of exposure and damage.

To be able to withstand the winter season, the epoxy coating contractor should therefore conduct necessary repairs and maintenance to the exterior walls to keep it in tip-top condition for the winter. The epoxy coating contractor can detect damages to the exterior walls’ coating system. When cracks or peeling paint is visible, these are some signs that it is time for the epoxy coating contractor to replace or repair the coating system.

Sealing cracks and tears in the exterior wall’s coating system is important because this ensures that the building is fully winter-tight, preventing cold weather from seeping into the facility through these rents and cracks, thereby maintaining a stable and warm interior temperature all throughout the winter season.

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