The Wrong Industrial Painter Equals Facility Downtime in California

January 17, 2011

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When it’s time for industrial plants in the Golden State to conduct repairs and maintenance, facility managers are often faced with one challenge — hiring the best industrial painters in California.

Not that there’s a scarcity of good industrial painters in California. The state is home to many of the country’s best painting companies. The problem is that there’s also a proliferation of inexperienced industrial painters in California. The challenge for facility managers is how to find the best of the bunch without ending up with an inexperienced contractor that delivers low-quality work.

It is important to be very careful in selecting industrial painters in California. The decision to go with the wrong contractor can bring unwanted costs to the facility. When the contractor has no experience or qualification for a particular job, the contractor may be compromising the quality of the facility’s project because of wrong methods and lack of skills. Worse, the contractor may even bring about issues on safety violations to workers and tenants alike.

Furthermore, when any painting project is suffering from poor workmanship, setbacks in the project plan are not too far away. The time schedule may deviate significantly because of slow implementation or, worse, reworks. The cost may balloon due to inefficiencies, inaccuracies and mistakes by the contractor.

The bottom line is that the industrial facility suffers more downtime when it has the misfortune of hiring poorly-performing industrial painters in California. And the misfortune does not end with the project’s completion. The aftermath, such as coatings failure or deterioration, may be hidden at projects’ end but will sure to haunt the facility in the future.

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