Is Your Building a Candidate for Encapsulation?

May 1, 2012

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If your facility has areas painted with lead paint, you know that lead abatement costs can induce a painful case of sticker shock. One way to possibly ease the financial pain of lead abatement is a technique called encapsulation.

How much can your facility save?

In 2001, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority undertook an extensive renovation of the buildings and facilities on the military base. As part of the project, some buildings were subjected to standard removal techniques for lead-based paint, while other buildings were encapsulated. Compared to the standard removal in a similar sized building, the savings granted by encapsulation were almost 25 percent.

However, not all buildings will be suitable candidates for lead abatement encapsulation. To find out if your facility is a good candidate for the savings of encapsulation, you need to understand what makes encapsulation work.

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