In today’s competitive food industry, your restaurant’s aesthetics are almost as important as your menu. Why? Prospective diners can drive by your building anytime and get a sense of what you offer. Likewise, thanks to the Internet, people often look at your dining room long before they enter your doors. In both cases, the overall message you’re communicating impacts whether or not people want to visit. Then, once inside, all the details that make up your environment will affect their impressions. That’s exactly why skilled restaurant painting matters.

To create the right ambiance for your diners, you need the proper backdrop. Commercial painting allows you to give your space — inside and out — a sense of professionalism, the appropriate color scheme, and the perfect setting for meals your customers will love. When you’re ready to freshen your restaurant or commercial kitchen, Raider Painting is here to help. In business since 1983 and backed by a team of experienced contractors, we’re the company you can trust for high-quality painting and coating.

Services We Offer to Restaurants and Kitchens

From exterior painting to our commercial kitchen epoxy floor coating service, our team will help you put the finishing touches on your restaurant environment. Whether you’re setting up a new eatery location or updating one you already run, our contractors can bring life to your surroundings. Our specialties include:

  • Exterior painting to boost curb appeal and add protection from the elements
  • Interior painting for restaurant walls, hallways, dining rooms and more
  • FDA-approved coatings to meet hygienic and food safety requirements
  • Kitchen epoxy floor coatings to allow ease of cleaning
  • Non-slip floor coatings to enhance safety
  • Decorative and stained floor coatings

In addition to these specialties, we offer exterior coatings to increase waterproofing or UV protection and interior services such as artistic finishes or wallcovering for high-traffic areas. Talk to us today about your facility and how we can help you!

Why Choose Raider Painting for Restaurant Painting and Coatings?

You can count on us to prioritize your restaurant’s look and feel. We know how important atmosphere is to the dining experience, and we take our part in that seriously.

Here are a few of the reasons owners and operators of restaurants and commercial kitchens choose us:

  • More than three decades of experience in the industry
  • A portfolio of thousands of projects, including many in the food sector
  • Nationwide service
  • An exceptional safety record
  • Fully licensed and insured contractors
  • Member, California Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Painting & Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)
  • Corporate Member, The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)
  • NACE Level 1 & 2 Certified Coatings Inspectors
  • LEED AP Project Managers & Estimators

Contact us about reviving your restaurant location with fresh painting or coatings, contact us at your convenience! Our team would love to serve you.