Industrial and commercial painting contractors in Monterey, CA.

Raider Painting is devoted to providing exceptional service to our clients, meeting your project’s needs while sticking to your schedule and budget.

When you own a commercial property, you want to ensure that it always looks well-maintained and attractive. Not only does a well-maintained commercial building strengthen a business’s reputation and attract more customers, but it also can help build morale in employees, instilling in them the pride to do their best.

A commercial property’s appearance is extremely important for the success of the businesses within, which is why numerous commercial property owners have turned to Raider Painting, leading painting contractors in Monterey, CA. Our mission is to be one of the top painting contractors in Monterey, and we strive to exceed the expectations of every commercial customer.

No matter what type of commercial property our customers own, we deliver diverse services that help keep their properties looking their best. With more than three decades of experience across a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects, we can handle almost any painting project and deliver on-time, on-budget results.

What can Raider Painting do for you?

Our painting company in Monterey, CA offers a wide range of professional painting services. Our team has the capabilities necessary to handle projects as diverse as high rises, stadiums, holding tanks, shopping malls, commercial offices and practically anything else you can imagine.

Our extensive commercial painting solutions include:

  • Chemical resistant deck coatings
  • Interior and exterior wall painting
  • Environmentally friendly coatings
  • Fire protective and intumescent coatings
  • Machinery and equipment painting
  • Steel structural coatings
  • Concrete and masonry restoration
  • Deck and floor coatings
  • Roof coatings
  • Corrosion control coatings

If you don’t see the service you need on that list, don’t worry. Browse our services pages to find a complete listing of every type of work we provide for our commercial customers. No matter what it is, Raider Painting has the solution necessary to keep your property in great shape.

See our work in action.

Our portfolio of commercial and industrial projects includes some of the most challenging types of work found anywhere. We have completed numerous projects that are notable for their size, scope and complexity, and the projects section of our webpage contains many examples, including the Portola Hotel.

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